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SPV score Highly in Annual Considerate Constructors Review

Apr 27, 2017

SPV have recently undertaken our yearly review with Considerate Constructors for our ongoing membership to the Scheme.  SPV scored very highly in all areas of Community, Appearance, Environment, safety and Workforce achieving 37-42/50 with the Scheme Monitor commenting as follows;C1234 150 ppi.jpg


"This is the 3rd year of registration.. It is very obvious that SPV are fully committed to CCS with a positive endeavour to improve standards each year and have attended CCS Seminars.  Good to note that 2No Site visits were completed last year and overall achieved a very good standard. With employees spread around the country all personnel are fully instructed in accessing the Company Intranet site which covers all aspects of work e.g Company news and updates, safety, training, environmental, health and well being, social activities etc.

Very active engagement with the local Community supporting many community events. Promotion of the Construction Industry with local Schools/Colleges.  Safety is of paramount importance with the type of work the Company undertakes and extensive safety training programmes are provided. The welfare of Employees is important to the Company and extensive provision is made to care for their wellbeing and health.  The Company have certainly made progress in the last 12months in improving the service they offer and have no hesitation in recommending the Company for re-registration"