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SPV Score Highly in Considerate Constructors Site Audit

Aug 08, 2017



A Considerate Constructors Monitor recently visited our Considerate Constructors Registered Site at Action for Children, Watford.

We were delighted to be awarded an excellent score of 38 and be issued with a Performance Beyond Compliance Certificate

The monitor commented;

“The contractor creates and excellent image of himself and the industry at the site, his levels of branding are excellent and consistent, organisation of the sites supports this branding. The contractor maintains very good communications with the building user, neighbours are at a distance and it is consider that the works create no impact upon them.
Deliveries are well managed, and the attitudes and behaviour of the workforce create a very good image of the industry.
The contractor has very good systems and controls in place to cope with issues identified there are promotion of performance towards the workforce.
The company have excellent safety systems and controls in place to care for the safety of the public visitors building user and workforce. There is clear support from the Head Office to ensure continuous safety improvement remains in focus.
The contractor certainly values his workforce as demonstrated by the respect and consideration given to them, considering the scope of the works, the welfare provision is excellent”