Action for children / Watford

SPV Group, the nationwide refurbishment contractors have recently completed the roofing works at Action for Children, Watford. Over a period of 17 years, the building had endured 2 failed single ply roofs which had subsequently been covered with liquid rubber which resulted in saturated insulation over an occupied building.

SPV’s remit was to supply and fix a fire retardant and acoustic barrier was installed overlaying the existing metal roof deck. This assisted with the replacement of the roof covering and negated the need for a temporary roof structure to execute the works.

The provision of a new warm roof system incorporating self-adhesive vapour barrier insulation to all current u values and a reinforced bitumen membrane proved the most suitable system in this instance. A Varsity high performance roofing system was selected and installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and specifications.

The Client is delighted with the works which have ensured that all leaks to the building have been cured and they can be assured of a fully watertight building for their own offices and for their tenants.