Iceland / Mitchem

Iceland in Mitcham, London, is a busy retail store situated beneath various residential flats. The flats each have outdoor terrace areas; previously these terrace areas had been waterproofed using recreational duty mastic asphalt paved with promenade tiles. The tiles had however started to break away from the existing asphalt, creating a trip hazard and exposing the original asphalt. As the terraces sit above the store which holds valuable stock, it was essential that the terrace remained completely watertight. 

The Client required a totally waterproof solution that would overlay the terrace area and remove the need for an overburden, whilst still offering a robust, anti-slip and anti-skid surface. Following extensive on-site testing and evaluation, it was identified that Triflex BTS-P with ColourSeal Large Grain Quartz finish was the ideal system, as it met the specific demands of the Client’s design brief. 

Triflex BTS-P with ColourSeal Large Grain Quartz is a totally waterproof surfacing system, designed specifically for terrace, walkway and balcony environments and incorporates a fully reinforced, flexible waterproofing membrane with a tough, durable and anti-skid / anti-slip surfacing layer. This thick layer, fully bonded build-up provides exceptional long term durability able to withstand the harsh demands of foot-trafficked terrace areas. 

The health and safety of all residents and visitors is of paramount importance; Triflex BTS-P with Large Grain Quartz has exceptional PTV values (36+), which represent a low chance of any slips, trips and falls and has a high retention rate of these values over time. 

As residents occupied their flats throughout the project, disruption to their busy day-to-day lives needed to be minimised. Triflex BTS-P is totally cold applied, negating the risk of fire during application, additionally, it cures at an exceptionally rapid rate, even at low temperatures, with the system able to withstand full stress within one day. 

The use of Triflex BTS-P ColourSeal with Large Grain Quartz has given the Client peace of mind in knowing that the terraced areas are completely watertight, durable and have high levels of anti-skid / anti-slip. Additionally, the aesthetics of the area have been greatly improved, giving residents a new sense of pride in their outdoor environment.