Stade de France / Paris

SPV have recently completed the re-surfacing of the large walkway ramp leading to the Stade de France, Paris. The Green surface was specially manufactured to cope with excessive foot traffic and to allow for expansion of the bridge, not only for weather conditions but for point loads (there could be up to 3000 people walking on the bridge at any one time). It was specified as the ideal surfacing material for this extremely large, very busy access ramp leading towards the stadium due to its non-slip, durable, waterproof and aesthetically pleasing finish. The existing epoxy coating to the bridge was cracking and flaking, becoming detached in certain areas and was stuck solid in others. Due to the cracking and flaking water was becoming trapped in between the bridge deck and the coating causing the bridge deck to rust. The contract was carried out over a period of four weeks with the work crew being flown home for weekends. The bridge remained operational throughout the contract which was completed on time and within budget. Since the completion of the Stade de France project SPV has been approached to look at two other bridges in the local area. One a metal turntable bridge for vehicular traffic over a canal, the other being a wooden slated bridge which leads to a nearby train station.