Concrete Repairs

Services: Concrete Repairs & Stone Cleaning

Ivor Parnham Building Services Ltd are very experienced in the specialist repair of concrete structures and we have carried out concrete repairs on numerous structures including bridges, car parks, hotels, high rise flats and culverts.

We work to the European Standards EN1504 and to meet the client’s requirements. We select the appropriate repair principles and then the best method of achieving each principle. Repair methods we use include pumping flowable concrete into purpose made formwork, resin injection of cracks, grout pumping, hand application of resin and cementitious mortars.

We also apply protective surface coatings, waterproofing, corrosion inhibitors and concrete joint sealants. We pride ourselves on selecting and sourcing the best quality products and always adhering to the manufacturer’s specifications and guidelines to obtain the best solution and finish for each job.

We have wide ranging expertise, knowledge and experience in all types of concrete repairs and have even had the opportunity to renovated “Tardis-style” precast concrete Police Boxes built in the 1930s which are Grade II listed.

Our experience extends to carrying out repairs to concrete floors in cold rooms and freezer stores working at temperatures as low as -30°. This enables the client’s business to remain in operation, eliminating the need to warm up the slab.

Concrete Repairs & Stone Cleaning projects:

Royal Parade

Ivor Parnham Building services have recently under taken the specialist building works At Royal Parade, Cheltenham Our remit involved breaking out back to the concrete the cutting out channels in the tread to the depth of 25mm Stainless steel hellibags were fixed protruding 20mm to form a grid to…

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Cathedral Court

Working on behalf of our Client Bluu, SPV are currently undertaking the cleaning works at Cathedral Court, Birmingham The project involves a full design scaffold with each lift being fully boarded complete with bird netting. The scaffold is a full design scaffold with each lift being fully boarded…

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Holiday Inn Coventry

SPV have recently completed the concrete repair works at The Holiday Inn Hotel, Coventry. The contract involved the refurbishment of the existing spalled and delaminated concrete to the rear elevation fire escape staircase. Works were completed within budget and within the agreed timescales.

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Castlemore Retail Park, Huddersfield

SPV have recently completed the concrete repair works at Castlemore Retail Park, Huddersfield. The site, a 50,000 square foot retail unit located adjacent to Huddersfield town centre houses a number of retail outlets including Argos and Pound stretcher. Working on behalf of their Client, Form…

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Weston Flavell Retail Park, Northampton

Ivor Parnham were instructed to carry out the works to repair the structural cracks to the car park at Weston Flavell Shopping Centre. The busy shopping centre which sees a high volume of vehicular traffic has structural cracks to many area of the car park deck. Ivor Parnham cut out all the areas of…

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Barclays Bank - Burnley

SPV have recently completed concrete repair works at Barclays Bank, Burnley, Lancashire. The works involved the refurbishment to the front elevation of the traditional stone building with high build repair mortar to repair any damaged cracked areas and bring back to a good condition. Works were…

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Starbucks Coffee, Peterborough

SPV have recently completed concrete repair works at Starbucks Coffee Shop, Peterborough. The works involved building up the existing structure which had been damaged to match the existing in size and colour. The concrete repairs were undertaken by cutting into the stone and placing stainless steel…

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SPV complete concrete repair works at Coventry University

SPV’s remit was to repair 8 No concrete disposal chutes. The works involved the repairing and strengthening of the concrete base of the metal chutes. All repairs had 8mm steel rods drilled into good concrete and repairs were undertaken using HB40 lightweight repair mortar with Webertec Bond coat for…

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